Woodlets Pellets


‘Woodlets’ EN+A1 grade pellets are from Girvan, Ayrshire which uses energy derived from its own Combined Heat and Power plant to process the pellets. Forestry and log waste is used to fire this CHP plant making the whole process as carbon neutral as possible. The plant is over 90% energy efficient. The pellets produced are very light in colour and carefully controlled for pellet length and density. They are equally suitable for use both as fuel and animal bedding.  A pallet contains 98 bags and a half pallet, 49 bags.

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1 X PALLET £315.00-INC VAT- 2 X PALLET £620.00-INC VAT- 3 X PALLET £915.00-INC VAT-


We are authorised suppliers DECC RHI Biomass suppliers List  No: BSL0032359-0002 

Pellets are available in 10 Kg bags. 

Additional information

Pallets :

Full Pallet 98 bags, 1/2 Pallet 49 bags

Delivery Information

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a pallet carrier can access the specified address. The site needs to be reasonably level as our pallets often weigh well over a tonne. The access needs to have minimum width of 2.8 metres and 5 metres headroom. The driver will have a small pallet truck to move the pallet off the tail lift but this will not operate over uneven or soft ground or gravel.

The delivery location must normally be able to accept vehicles up to 26 tonnes. However, if you advise us, we can instruct the delivery company to send a smaller vehicle. If you require a vehicle of 7.5 tonnes due to recent changes (weight restrictions on unloading) any pallets ordered will be required to be processed as half pallets instead of full pallets, so will incur added delivery charges.

Please contact us on 01768 896 634 before placing your order if your delivery address can not facilitate a large vehicle.